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The Autumn Square Birthday Card

Square Autumn Birthday Card

The Autumn Square Birthday Card was very much designed to have a retro feel to it. In this instance it draws inspiration from the seventies, both in terms of colour and design elements. I wanted this to have a nostalgic feel, one that reminded people of days gone by, and perhaps on some level the bohemian lifestyle that was so popular during that era. The colours chosen for this design are warm and earthy, which further enhance the nostalgic feel of this birthday card.

I also designed this card to be double sided, in this way it allows both the actual space for the photo and also the message on the back to be prominent without competing for space on the card. The design is relatively clean, so as to draw attention to the photo and message as well.

This particular design work pretty well with outdoor photography in natural settings. I look forward to seeing how you use it.

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