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The Double Sided Retro Chocolate Birthday Card

Double Sided Retro Chocolate Birthday Card

Being the first birthday card I’ve designed for Acacia Lane, I wanted it to be on some level a catalyst for memories. It is for this reason that I decided to go with a more retro feel to the design. I absolutely love nostalgia and all things old, it’s where I draw a lot of my inspiration from. I also deliberately chose the rich colour combination of chocolate and cream for this. The colours themselves and also the products they represent makes one remember times gone by, of simpler times and guilty pleasures.

I also designed the card to be clean, non-fussy and easy to work with. By doing this it made it possible to maximise the photo area that you will slot your favourite photograph into.

It is my wish that this birthday card template provides you with as much enjoyment as it did in my making it.

Here’s to nostalgia, making happy memories and displaying them beautifully.

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