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Why I do what I do is just as important as what I do.

Welcome to Acacia Lane where professionally designed Photoshop templates for photographers are provided. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or are just starting out, you are sure to find something that appeals to you. These templates have been created to be user friendly enough for Photoshop users in general to be able to use them.

Initially Acacia Lane will be providing photo card templates, as time progresses, we will begin to provide templates for marketing and branding too.

The idea behind the photo card templates is to provide photographers with the tools to give clients options when purchasing prints. This is something that they can easily market to their customer base, by taking advantage of special days and events that one would need greeting cards, etc. for.

While I am based in South Africa, I’ve designed my templates to appeal to a global audience. I’ve also done my best to keep the templates user friendly. I also hope to save you time and money in the process. Being both a qualified graphic designer and photographer, I understand perfectly that you require a product that works for you and does not consume too much of you time. I created these products because I am invested in both yours and my own success. I want you to be able to offer your customers another tier of service that keeps them coming back to you and have you be top of their minds when considering services and offerings like yours.

Every template is designed from the ground up. Each template created is a labour of Love, and I will always aim to provide you with honest and sincere service.

My mission is to help photographers improve their success rate by providing them with high quality, professional resources for their studios.

I trust that you will find our pricing competitive and that my products prove to be a smart investment for your business.

Acacia Lane is a division of Studio on 53.

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