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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What file format are your templates saved in?

All templates are saved in .psd format which is native to Photoshop.

Do you include fonts in you downloads?

Due to copyright issues, I’m unable to make them available for download. However, all fonts used are either free or standard fonts that can be easily found on the internet. A list of fonts used in editable regions of the template will be stated in the accompanying documentation.

Can I resell the templates?

No, copyright still belongs to me. In order to keep prices low, I only the license usage rights to a product. This license stipulate the usage the rights that must be employed by you. Templates cannot be sold. Both digital and physical prints must be flattened before being handed over to either the printers or to the client.

Do you offer telephonic support?

Unfortunately at this time I don’t. Due to the nature of the business, it makes more sense to offer electronic communication. By doing so, I can better cover your queries and you can also have our communications saved for future use.

Do you offer refunds?

Because my products are digital, I’m unable to offer a refund. There’s is no way for me to ensure that the files haven’t been copied. It’s imperative that you have at least a basic understanding of Photoshop in order to use these templates properly.

How do I download my purchase?

Once you have made a purchase through the shop, you will receive confirmation via email. A link to the download will be provided in there as well. Each download is compressed into a ZIP file. It includes the actual PSD file and all the necessary documentation.

It is highly recommended that upon downloading your file, you back it up to an external hard drive, CD / DVD or to a cloud based storage service. Unfortunately theft and equipment failure does occur, so it’s best to back up all your files.

Will the files print correctly at my local printer?

While you should not have any problems, it must be noted that I’m unable to design a template that meets the requirements of every printer. It’s in your best interest to do a test print to make sure that it prints to your standard. You should also speak to your local printer, as they will provide valuable information on how to get the best quality print based on their equipment.

I didn't receive a confirmation or download email, what should I do?

The most common reason for this is not providing your correct email address. If you didn’t, please email me via the website so that I can correct it.

Can I download my order again?

Lost files? I can help.

In order for me to to send you a new download link, you need to provide me with a proof of purchase and working email address. A reset order fee of $2 will be charged to process this.

I can't download my order.

If your product doesn’t download from the provided link, try using a different browser. Some browsers can prevent downloads from starting due to settings. If your email still doesn’t work, please email me through this website.

I forgot my password.

Not a problem, request your password by navigating to the account login page and clicking on lost password.

Can I give copies of your template to friends, family or employees?

No, your purchase only provides you with a license for one person. Doing so is illegal and will result in legal action being taken against you. It is in your best interest to use the product as specified.

Can I get a exchange?

I am unable to make an exchange, because my products are a digital downloads. I don’t have control over the product once it has been downloaded by you and thus no refunds and exchanges will be made.

Product Related Questions

Why are the PSD templates blank?

The photos used on the website are for display purposes only, they will give you an idea of what the template looks like when you add your own photo. Templates have a folder labelled ‘Photo’ found in the layers tab in Photoshop. You must insert you photo into this folder. Make sure to use the ‘Save As’ command and re-name the file, so as to not write over your template.

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