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The Rectangle Collage Facebook Timeline Cover

Rectangle Collage Facebook Timeline Cover

I’ve only recently started designing Facebook timeline covers, and I must say that I really enjoy doing them. It really does help ones profile look more professional and polished. It’s a great way to not only beautify your profile but to showcase you and your photos. It is for this reason that I designed the Rectangle Facebook Collage Timeline Cover template. I placed more emphasis on it showcasing your photography by having multiple placeholders for your photos. The text is kept to a minimum and has place for your name and a quote or similar text. That space should be filled with something you believe in or moves you.

Not only is the text editable, but so is the coloured blocks that form the background of the text. By doing this, you are able to customise the template and create a more coherent end result. A little tip for choosing colours is to sample a colour from the photos you going to be displaying. Choose a colour that is complimentary to your photography, and as far as possible, don’t choose the colour that is most prominent in the photo.

The design itself is modern and minimalistic, making it a great way to beautifully showcase you photos and add an individual touch to your Facebook profile.

For photographers, this is a great product to offer your customers as it has the added benefit of putting your photography in front of every person looking at your customer’s profile.

Have fun using it, and I’d love to see what you come up with.

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