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The Watercolour Valentines Card

Watercolour Valentines Card

The Watercolour Valentines card is a fun, colourful card. The idea behind it was to elicit happy memories. I made use of bright colours that bleed into each other. Even the text has the same feel. It was intentionally made to look “imperfect”. Just as one has limited control over how watercolour paints react and mix, I wanted it to be a reminder for us all to let things happen and enjoy the moment. It’s the very same concept that watercolour artists call “Happy Mistakes”.

I extended the idea of watercolours into the frame. In this way, when you place you photograph into the template, it’s edges have a watercolour effect. The bright watercolours at the top also form the upper part of the frame and bleeds into your photograph too. The background has a watercolour textured paper in a cream colour, just to give it a little bit of a nostalgic feel.

I really did have fun designing this Photoshop template, and I hope that you use it to embellish all your precious memories.

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