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The Double Sided Vintage Frame Valentines Card Template

Vintage Frame Valentines card

This Valentines card template was inspired by my Love for everything vintage. From the frame used for the border right down to the slightly aged hearts background, it all was inspired by a bygone era.

The card was intentionally kept minimilistic. I wanted it to be a reminder of simpler times, for it to be a nostalgic trip down memory lane for the older folks and and a reminder to younger generations that good old fashioned values are still relevant today.

The reverse side of this Valentines card template has the message created as word art. The message is simple and filled with old fashioned sweetness. It again is housed in the same frame used for the photo, but this time in the passionate red of Valentines Day.

I hope that both you and your customers enjoy this design, and look back with fond memories in years to come.

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