Welcome to Acacia Lane

Welcome to Acacia Lane Templates for Photographers

Ajay Lalbeharie

A warm welcome to all those visiting Acacia Lane and also taking the time out to read my blog. While the idea of providing templates to photographers is not new, I felt that I had something to offer in this market, especially considering the fact that I am a qualified graphic designer and also a photographer.

I created the templates to be as user friendly as possible, so that working professionals did not have to spend too much valuable time figuring them out. As long as you had a basic working understanding of Photoshop, you would be able to hit the ground running and produce customised prints for their customers.

Each template has been a labour of Love. I also made the designs quite varied, so that you could find something that appeals to both you and your customers.

Being from Newcastle, South Africa, I will also be designing templates that have more of an African theme to them. I come from a country that’s so rich in heritage and culture, and I’d Love to not only be able to share this with you, but you in turn to share it with your customers. South Africa has really become a multi-cultural melting pot of creativity.

I look forward to providing you with creative Photoshop templates, and I welcome your feedback and interactions. Let’s build positive relationships that are mutually beneficial.

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